Projects: Shut Away -- Encerrado/a | Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, Canada


Shut Away -- Encerrado/a 

June 19th - August 4th, 2019 

Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto, Canada 


Shut Away -- Encerrado/a was exhibited at the Ryerson Image Centre in Toronto, ON, during the summer of 2019. The show featured 26 prints and a video installation. Each participant in the project had their own wall in the gallery with a 24" x 36" portrait and a number of smaller images showing moments and details from their sanctuary spaces. On the outside of a wall built in the center of the gallery specifically for the exhibition, an artist statement was printed and on the inside of the wall, a monitor played a video installation with the accompanying audio playing throughout the gallery. Each participant had two, four to five minute oral histories with a video portrait playing during their interviews. An artist talk was given at the opening of the show. 

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